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About Us

Day Star Games. What can we say about us? Well, we can say that we're a hard working, dedicated and talented bunch. We can also claim to have impressive technical skills. One of us can even wiggle his ears. You'd also think us ruggedly handsome, smart and nice to talk to.

In addition to this, though, we also like to make games. It's something we're good at. Something that we're giving our lives over to. We hope you like what we're making because we're enjoying making it. It gives us a reason to wake up in the mornings.

Well, that and the smell of breakfast.

But about the games we're making. The first one the one that we're really excited about bringing you is a platformer. You remember the old school games where you'd run left and right and maybe jump on an enemy? It's one of those. And we think you're going to like it.

There's others. Different types of games, so if platformers aren't your thing don't worry we'll have something for you one day. Whether it's on the PC or mobile markets, we're coming for you. We'll stay tight lipped as to what we're making for you though. After all we believe that there's some enjoyment to be had out of a mystery.

The Team



Character / Environment Artist

Pic of Adam

Adam Winfield is a man who has a nickname. The nickname has no relevance to anything he does. It's a mystery as to how he got it or what it means. As time goes by his real name, the name he was given at birth, will fade into history, remembered by no one. When the day comes Adam will be no more. He'll stand, born anew, a shining beacon of change.

Some say it's this nickname that gives him his prestigious artistic skills. Others say it's the hours of hard work and practice he puts in on a regular basis. There is a third party who claim that we will never know - that Adam is a force of nature that cannot be stopped.


Programmer, Designer

Pic of Chris

Christopher Cain would have been a scientist, given the option. An evil one. A labcoat sits in his cupboard and awaits the day its owner decides to change career. Evil dreams float through its mind - its sleeves tingle with excitement at all the dastardly schemes the two will achieve. With Chris' intelligence and the labcoats... water resistance... they would truly be a force to be reckoned with.

Fortunately for the world at large, Chris has turned his talents towards Game Design. He's the cogs that keep the game turning. Like a puppet master he makes characters run and jump, guns fire and big nasty spikes do big nasty damage.


Environment Art, Designer

Pic of Richard

Richard Edwards is a man of big dreams and big hair. He can often be found walking through life, staring into the distance, thinking about something else. Day to day tasks are accompanied with thoughts that even he can't keep track of. Occasionally one of them will make it onto notepaper and be filed away safely, ready for the day it can be brought into the world.

Games development is his passion. As the ideas that have been filed away clamour for attention he brings his full, benevolent gaze to a single idea, nurturing and caring for it until one day it will be ready to fly the nest. Until then the ideas hide in the darkness, talking to each other, plotting and scheming on the best way to get back into Richard's head.